TNS Series - Single Deck Tunnel Ovens

• Baking band width of 2.0 – 2.5 – 3.0 meters and band length varying from 16.0 meters to 40.0 meters offering wide options to the bakers
• Economical and even baking for both hearth and pan baked products via turbulance air distribution
• Vertical heat circulation in the baking chamber between the special designed radiators located parallelly at the bottom and the top of the chamber
• Economical and ideal baking with turbulance system


• Stone-hearth conveyor
• Cooling spray system at the discharge of the oven providing quicker cooling of the baked goods while moving on the cooling band
• Fully-automatic production lines with various capacities
• Smart blading system
• Stainless-steel side panels
• Sensor controlled belt regulation system adjusting the belt movement while also extending the belt-life
• Hydraulic belt tensioning system correcting any mechanical or thermal deviations
Baking areas will be project-based designed up to 120 square meters with 2,2.5,3 meters band width and 40 meters length according to lay-out plans and required capacities.

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